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Playful Journey for Couples
Marriage book for Christian Couples

Live Out the Passionate Marriage You Desire

Playful Journey for Couples is different from other couples bible studies because it focuses on a light hearted approach to enjoying your Christian marriage.

Playful Journey for Couples leads you and your spouse through a year of growing, loving, and laughing together that will last a lifetime.

It won the 2014 Christian Writers Award – First Place – in the Marriage Category! (presented by Xulon Press)

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2014 Christian Writers Award

10448632_10205542786629450_5184737136874880778_oWinner of the 2014 Christian Writers Awards

First Place in the Marriage Category

Awarded by Xulon Press


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About Us


markandsusanbannerpicPlayful Journey owners, Mark and Susan Ryerson know how hard it is to keep a marriage thriving and the family healthy and together.  Playful Journey was born out of a desire to help families stay together and to stay connected.  The products, blog, and podcasts offer practical ways to become a more playful couple, enjoy intimate conversation again, and put the steamy back into your love life.


Playful Journey first serves the parents, the foundation of our families.  Our encouraging book, “Playful Journey for Couples” and romance game, “Intimate Journey for Couples”  lend opportunities to strengthen marriages so they may be that strong foundation and example to their children.  We want to help entire families learn to love, forgive and respect each other, and to become a more connected, happy and influential family in their community.  Coming soon, “Playful Journey for Families” is filled with family devotions, encouragement, loving activities, and encourages family time each week.  It teaches true love and respect for each person in the family.  With this effort, it is our desire that all types of families will be healed and healthy in the home and be in a better position to reach families outside their homes.

Life is a journey and we all experience the good and bad things that happen to us and others.  Even though we may be strong on the outside and appear super confident…unkind words hurt.  Being ignored hurts.  Feeling taken for granted hurts.  People feel, people bleed, people hurt.  The good news is there is hope and there are ways to heal the hurting family.  Let’s intentionally show each other just how much we love them.  Let Playful Journey help you find ways to stay connected to your spouse, your children, your family, and your community.  We have one life, one journey, let’s make it a great one for all those we impact!

All Products are created exclusively to help Christian couples build and sustain a healthy and playful marriage.  We are continually creating and sharing unique ideas, resources and gifts to celebrate healthy marriages.

Happy Loving,

Susan Ryerson

contact me at: susan.ryerson@playfuljourney.com

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