7 Fun Weeknight Date Ideas

Posted on Jun 30, 2013

7 Fun Weeknight Date Ideas

One for every night of the week!

Dating isn’t just for Friday and Saturday night. Have fun with these date ideas to bring fun and romance to every night of the week.

photo fun date night

  1. Photo Date Fun – grab your cellphones and challenge each other to an impromptu photo contest. Go around the house, yard and neighborhood and take as many pictures as you can in 60 minutes. Then post up on social media and ask your friends to declare the winner!
  2. Cooking contest – with only the ingredients already in the house, give each other 30 minutes to prepare a dish for each other. Look up recipes, dive through the pantry and fridge and race to see who can prepare the most delicious food! Then enjoy each others creations.
  3. Pick a country night – wonder what it would be like to dine in Paris tonight? Try it out! Find French food recipes, get some French wine and enjoy a movie filmed in France. You will be speaking Ina French access by the time the night is over!Cooking Date Night
  4. Night of memories – remember the first night you met? Where did you first go to dinner? Try to recreate the evening with the food, music and atmosphere from the night. Enjoy looking at old photos from the years gone by.
  5. Time of encouragement – turn off the tv and grab your Bible, devotionals, book of inspirations or whatever you have that provides you with encouragement. Take time reading to each other and talking about how much the other person means to you.
  6. Get your exercise on – whether you walk, run, bicycle, hike or swim, do it together! Enjoy the time as you work out the week of stress and worries. Encourage each other through the process.
  7.  sexy date nightGo to bed early – yep enough said. But make it special with candles, lingerie, maybe a new playful item. Set it up with a note on a pillow or a text during the day. Enjoy the closeness and romance. A wonderful end to the week.


What is your favorite weeknight date night? We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Your blog contains many great hints and good information for improving couples intimacy. Thank you for your focus!

    I will be back to look around.


  2. Wow – Great post. My wife and I survived what I call the “desert years” by having get away dates nights / weekends. These became the oasis time in our thirty eight year marriage. Thanks for posting your ideas.


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