Couples Bible Study

couples bible study


“Playful Journey for Couples” is a new and fun couples bible study that focuses on a light-hearted approach to enjoying your Christian marriage.

  •  52 weekly studies
  • 52 fun activities 
  • 52 suggested romantic dates!

Just 10 Minutes a Week

Its Easy to Get Started


Playful Journey for Couples suggests a new way for couples to study the Bible while entertaining each other with a combination of conversations and activities that will re-enforce the hope of a greater love, His love.

You can trust it

“Playful Journey for Couples” is published by Crossbooks, a Christian book publisher has been deemed Theologically Sound by LifeWay. You can trust that every word in this book is based on Christian principles and values. It won the 2014 Christian Writers Award – First Place – in the Marriage Category (presented by Xulon Press).

Enjoy reconnecting with your spouse
This couples bible study will give you and your spouse the opportunity to reconnect in a very special way. It allows you to remember how things were when you were first married. It also allows you to talk about who you are now and how you can get that love and passion back like when you first got together.

Easy to get started
With 10 Minutes a Week you will begin to rebuild the communication and trust and yes, romance back into your marriage! Start with week 1 or jump in anywhere! Pick a topic that seems interesting – an activity you like to do – maybe just pick the fun romantic date to start!


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Check out what others have said about “Playful Journey for Couples”

Not preachy! The activities in this book open up the channels of communication where they were closed. The book focuses on reconnecting with your partner. It is beautiful without being preachy. I would highly recommend this book to any couple. K. Gomez
5 Stars! Entertaining and enlightening!

Buy this book! It contains a miriad of things to discover about you, your spouse or significant other and God. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to enjoy their partner again if the magic is fading. Find your faith in your relationship by sharing this experience. N. Robinson

You too can experience a resurgence of God’s love, enhanced communication, deeper intimacy and romance, and a more playful marriage with this couples bible study! Go ahead and take the journey! Study the Bible like never before with your spouse. Have a blast!

About the Author

Susan Ryerson - Couples Bible Study AuthorSusan Ryerson lives with her husband, Mark, in New Mexico. She enjoys working, going to events and shows, hanging out in their backyard and in the swimming pool, exploring the high desert of New Mexico, fossil hunting and rock hounding and running her home business, Playful Journey. She lives, reads, and studies the Bible to allow His Spirit and words to have a direct impact on her personal life and relationships.

Susan herself received forgiveness and a new life by having a relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship gives her the motivation to help others truly see how, if they live out the love of Christ in their relationships, they can have an amazing life and marriage. Her company, Playful Journey LLC, is a vehicle to encourage other couples to embrace and live out the love of Christ and enjoy the playful journey designed just for them.

One tradition Mark and Susan have had since their fi rst anniversary is choosing a state, and then visiting that state to renew their wedding vows. As of this year, they have recommitted their lives to each other in 19 different states.

Susan never loses the faith that He knows all and is the Creator of all. The couple enjoys a wonderful life and truly loves each other with the unconditional love of Christ. They are there for each other, listening, laughing, and enjoying each other passionately and intimately through every step of their playful journey together.

Get it instantly! PDF $4.99


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